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Workshops & Events

8th Annual PROMIS International Conference

Building on Our Foundations, Embracing Our Future

Join the PROMIS Health Organization October 23-24, 2022, in Prague, Czech Republic. Presentations highlight PROMIS as a catalyst for improved patient outcomes and population health.

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CogNation Podcast: Navigating the NIH Toolbox with Dr. Julie Hook

Now available for streaming! 

As demand for brief, cost-efficient, reliable, and easily administered neurobehavioral assessments continue to rise – the CogNation Podcast will take a deep dive with Julie Hook, MBA, PhD, ABPP, into the conception of the NIH Toolbox and its many uses in epidemiologic research and clinical settings, today!

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On-Demand Learning – Webinar Recordings

Check out a number of PROMIS topics available 24/7

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Last updated on 5/16/2022