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View an introduction to the PROMIS Sexual Function and Satisfaction Measures.

The PROMIS Health Organization is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation that works to develop, maintain, improve, and apply PROMIS measures.

Intro to PROMIS®

PROMIS includes over 300 measures of physical, mental, and social health for use with the general population and with individuals living with chronic conditions.

Adult Assessment

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Pediatric Assessment

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Short Forms, Computer Adaptive Tests, and Profiles

PROMIS offers multiple types of measures.

  • Short Forms: fixed set of 4-10 items or questions for one domain
  • Computer Adaptive Tests (CATs): items are dynamically selected for administration from an item bank based upon the respondent’s previous answers. Usually 4-12 items with a high level of measurement precision. Learn more about CATs>> or try out a CAT>>
  • Profiles: fixed collection of short forms from multiple domains

PROMIS is Appropriate for Use Across a Range of Patient Populations

PROMIS measures can be used in the general population and with adults and pediatric populations with a chronic condition(s).

Beneficial Features of PROMIS Measures

  • PROMIS measures have greater precision than most conventional measures. Greater precision (less error) enhances power in a less costly way than increasing sample size.
  • PROMIS measures have a larger range of measurement than most conventional measures, decreasing floor and ceiling effects as a result.
  • PROMIS measures do all this with fewer items than conventional measures, thereby decreasing respondent burden. When used as computer adaptive tests, PROMIS measures usually require 4-6 items for precise measurement of health-related constructs.
  • PROMIS measures provide a common metric: the T-score (mean = 50, standard deviation = 10). In most cases 50 equals the mean in the U.S. general population. This metric has also been linked to many other conventional measures, and even if other measures are used, it may be possible to report results on the PROMIS metric, a considerable advantage for ensuring comparability across studies.
  • PROMIS measures can be administered alongside Neuro-QoLASCQ-Me®, and NIH Toolbox® measures that assess other aspects of health and function.

Active PROMIS Research

HealthMeasures is the official information and distribution center for PROMIS which was developed and evaluated with National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding. HealthMeasures works collaboratively with the PROMIS Health Organization (PHO), a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation whose mission is to improve health outcomes by developing, maintaining, improving, and encouraging the application of PROMIS in research and clinical practice.