Test Administration Training

Administration of NIH Toolbox® Cognition*, Motor, and Sensation measures requires training, practice, and the proper equipment and materials.


We provide two primary mechanisms for learning how to administer NIH Toolbox tests:

  • eLearning – An online training curriculum (including didactics, video demonstrations, and quizzes) that can be utilized at the trainee’s convenience.
  • Workshops – These 1.5 day in-person sessions provide participants with basic information about each test, opportunities to practice, and feedback from experienced NIH Toolbox administrators.

Additional Resources for Test Administration

NIH Toolbox iPad App Administrator’s Manual

  • Download the most recent version of the manual at the NIH Toolbox iPad App Support Center.
  • Use in conjunction with eLearning or an in-person workshop to learn how to administer tests.
  • After training, use for review and as an informational resource that includes:
    • Detailed instructions on how to use the NIH Toolbox iPad App and administer each measure.
    • A list of NIH Toolbox equipment and materials needed for administration (also available in the Support Center).

*Cognition test administrators should have, or be working under the supervision of someone with, C-Level Qualifications.